Been a long time, better late than never

It has been a while since I have posted a blog post but that is due in part with doing over time at work (got my ‘no debt by 2020 is my long term goal) and thus preferring to have mind numbing activities after work than engaging my brain to form at least semi-coherent sentences combined with the fact that I am working on a blog post about right wing politics and being careful not to conflate numbers (followers) with the number who are ideologues at the heart of the moment. On a good side I had a wonderful Venison, Rosemary and Red Wine Pie (link) – it was amazing; tender meat, wonderfully seasoned and although a bit on the pricey side it was a whole lot more satisfying than grabbing a pizza which ens up laving oneself hungry a few hours later and feeling rather grotty. I think in future if I want to have a nice quick dinner then that’ll become my ‘go to’ option but this coming up day off I’ll have a stir fry tofu with some frozen vegetables.

It appears that things are picking in terms of the new government implementing their promised policies such as changes in the employment relations with the usual suspects screaming about how it’ll lead to an onslaught of striking. The problem is that these same suspects made the same claim about the ERA (Employment Relations Act) that was introduced 20 years under the Helen Clark Labour government and all the claims never eventuated. The reality is that the employer class in New Zealand are pissed off that their wage suppression is coming to an end, that the rent seeking by slum lords is going to be undermined with Kiwi Build and a revamped social housing policy. Long story short, all the pigs that were scoffing themselves at the trough for nine years under National have realised that it has come to an end as seen by the ‘poo faced’ reaction in the latest business confidence survey – none of the responses were based on hard metrics such as economic growth, the state of the government fiscal books, increasing spending power as people earning good pay packets with the rise in construction around Kiwi Build and new social houses – it was based on being ‘poo faced’ that their favourite party lost the election and the public have recognised that things have swung too far in favour of employers thus the correction particularly in industrial relations laws.

Things are improving on the Mac front so I’ll be interesting to see what the future beta releases of macOS will be like but appears that rumours of ARM Mac’s are picking up steam and it makes sense when you think about it. The next version of macOS after Mojave will have 32bit compatibility removed then there is UI Kit is being developed with feedback which will probably appear in that release along with OpenGL being marked as deprecated in Mojave with maybe the release after the next release (after Mojave) OpenGL will be removed which will pretty much mean a completely modern operating system that shares all the base frameworks with the move to ARM would be the icing on the cake since there would be no longer any concern about old frameworks hanging around. Long term I could see them scaling up their CPU design like how Intel does with their own core architecture, W2 has Wifi and Bluetooth with W3 adding 5GHz support then W4 adding mobile modem support then AMD GPU will hang around as a discrete GPU option in the MacBook Pro, iMac (incl Pro) and Mac Pro whilst all rock a scaled up Apple GPU that’ll be pure Metal which will elevate Apple from having cater for OpenGL and OpenCL support. Long story short, I think when it does happen – around 2020/2021 I for one won’t be shocked but I will be interested in seeing what kind of signal it sends to the market and how many other OEM’s open themselves up to the opportunity of making greater use of ARM especially in the Windows world and the big Windows OEMs. 

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