Access point and switch, all updated and rock solid

Installed the latest firmware and the experience so far has been pretty damn rock solid with the network being slightly more responsive – from the change log and the fact that one cannot roll back to a previous version of the firmware it appears that Ubiquiti has done a lot of under the hood improvements. Unrelated to the upgrade but still kind of related to the whole network, the experience with Skinny has been great and even better performance than when I was with Skinny which is kind of strange. Part of Spark bringing Skinny and BigPipe back under the Spark umbrella has been moving it from being a seperate network into being part of the larger Spark network which results in Skinny and BigPipe having a local POP rather than it being all centralised up in Auckland. Anyway, here is the screenshot after the update:

Screen Shot 2018 07 27 at 12 36 59 AM

I’m looking forward to the big release of macOS, watchOS, iOS, and tvOS coming soon towards the end of the year – I’ve heard good things so far regarding the greater use of Metal has translated to a more responsive experience but I’m sure once it moves out of beta there will be the usual batch of benchmarks to see how it compares to 10.13 when it was first released and whether there has been a leap forward in performance. One thing I did find funny recently was the hysteria regarding the MacBook Pro 15” with the i9 CPU with all the arm cheer engineers giving their five cents worth on Reddit about how they know how to design a laptop better than Apple engineers. Well, it turns out after a video (a very good video) where David Lee outlined some of the issues (without the hysterics as seen on Reddit) it appears that Apple has liaison with David Lee and it turns out that was a firmware issue that was addressed with a supplementary update. After all that, where are all these arm chair engineers on Reddit? They’ve suddenly disappeared with their tail between their legs.

What will be interesting will be the coming years as OpenGL and OpenCL are removed, 32bit compatibility is removed not to mention the inclusion of UI Kit support that was announced as something they’re working on with maybe it appearing in 10.15 or maybe even 10.16 depending on how well the work goes. The bigger question regarding the future CPU direction is alive and well given the rumours of Apple moving over to their own ARM CPU – if that eventually happens then it’ll be interesting to see how it all transpires. It does appear though that this year and next year Intel will be providing modem chips where Apple is standardising on Intel across the board but when it comes to 2020 onwards there are rumours of MediaTek but equally it could be that it was an old rumour and now Apple is going to develop their own modem chip which, given the movement in the market, will only need to support 3G/4G/5G thus they’re unshackled from needing to support legacy standards that it should allow them to develop something like a W4 that brings together Wifi, Bluetooth and Mobile modem all in one so that could be there long term plan hence the rumour that Apple will won’t need Intel modems beyond 2020 and Intel disbanding their modem team. 

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