Back to work…

So I’m back to work..tomorrow…well, today given that it is midnight so I guess today when I get up and the great thing is that I’ve got over time but I’ll put my name forward to doing some over time with my boss if I can get some over time either in the inbound calling or even picking up some extra work doing outbound calling. At the project rate I’ll hit my target of financial independence by the end of next year which will be a great change in direction so there will be no spending on the new iPhone when it come out and all focus on getting ones financial house sorted out.

Getting my finances in order is part of a larger goal which to be able to travel overseas by the end of next year – might even travel to China to meet up with a good friend I’ve known for years who lives in Guangzhou along with travelling to the United States as well to also meet another good friend who lives in California so to do all that it’ll require me to get in a good financial situation so then I can travel without the hassle of having to worry about my financial situation. This year though the family is getting together at nana’s up in Auckland so I’ll be taking the train from Wellington up to Auckland and stay there fore a week with my brother coming over from Australia along with his wife so lots of fun together as a family.

There was a break down in communication with my last provider which resulted in money outstanding so long story short a bit of chasing up and got it all sorted out but it it reminds me not to delete off email aliases just incase an old provider needs to get in touch to settle any sort of outstanding bill that needs to be paid. On a good side I not dealing with that organisation ever again – I’m sticking with Skinny for Mobile and Internet. Btw, it is funny, on the topic of the internet I read somewhere that moister can impact wifi signal so I’ve been running my dehumidifier and I’ve noticed a stronger signal in my bedroom for my laptop or could it just be good luck given that I’ve updated the firmware on my access point recently. The other benefit of having a dry home is that it heaters up quicker and holds the heat along with not getting condensation on the windows which means one less thing I have to clean up in the morning.

The roof is being replaced so on Thursday I had the builders coming around to pull of the tiles and although I knew the tiles were a bit old I was shocked at just how bad of a shape they actually were until I saw then up close – they were so absolutely had it when compared to the new tiles my mum has on the second story of the house which is a modern glazed tile and that has been pretty robust and reliable (although I think eventually she is looking to replace the bottom story one some time in the future with the same type of tiles that exist on the second story of the home). Rather than replace it with tiles the new roof is long rung roofing colour steel which lasts a lot longer and more reliable over the long term. It’ll be interesting to see whether the change will make any difference to heat retention.

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