Trying to get back on track

So I have to admit I have slacked a bit and put on a couple of kgs – part of it is due to bad weather and after having a long day at work then a cold journey home then one is hankering for some comfort food to get warm again but my big focus tomorrow isn’t depriving myself like some sort of martyr but instead on focusing sticking within the 1500-1800 calorie allowance for the day. The other thing I am going to do is get back into going for a regular walk around the block during my breaks so it gets me out of the office and get me moving along with taking the stairs (up and down) rather than taking the lift – it doesn’t burn a huge amount of calories but it does boost the metabolism which can slow down if one is sitting down all day. Oh, that is another thing – I’m going to focus on standing up more during the day which will allow me to keep me awake (I tend if I sit down for long periods of time I start yawning and feeing tired for some reason). I think what I’ll do is do some more chatting on my blog which in part will help to keep me honest during my journey – I found it worked the last time and I think I’ll do the same now plus I think that most of you guys (and girls!) would sooner hear something more than me rattling on about Apple products.

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