Another good day at work

At work we are asked what our preferred hours would be and my choice was working the closing shift from Wednesday to Sunday so hopefully that’ll mean stable shifts given that I prefer to have days off during the week so it enables me to get things done on my day off – shopping, going to the bank, getting bills paid etc.

My last pay day I bought some food for work to find out what worked (kept my full yet low in calories) vs. what didn’t; the peanut protein bars although has the protein to keep ones full there is the sugar in them which elevates insulin resulting in a crash then hungry shortly after. What I did find actually stayed with me for the long time was Huntley and Palmers baked oat thins (link) which is similar to Nairns oatcakes (link) – flavoursome but not sweet which works great in that there isn’t that hungry feeling after eating a serving and they’re fairly low in calories. The other food item I keep in my draw is the BelVita soft baked breakfast biscuit (link) – certainly nice during the day with a cup off coffee – a little on the pricy side but it is cheaper and more filling than the peanut protein bars.

As mentioned before I had an issue with my old service provider but it appears that the internet connection as all tidied up ok with no money left over so the only thing that needed to be sorted out was the old mobile account. One thing to remember in future, remember not to delete aliases until everything is paid off and sorted out. On a good side things are working out with Skinny and the moving customers over to the same network that Spark customers use means that there are local POP. 

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