Back to work tomorrow

Well, I’m back to work tomorrow and although I do enjoy my time off I enjoy having cash in the hand a whole lot more since it allows me to enjoy those days off outside of a subsistence existence. Tonight I decided to have some fish and potato fritters for dinner since I wanted something different. Oh, and last week I bought the Nairn’s oat biscuits, I was pleasantly surprised that they’re wrapped in packs of 5 biscuits – the ginger one has a real kick to it and the chocolate one has a good chocolatey taste but not overly sweet so I think I’ll chalk these biscuits up as what I’ll be buying in future along side the soft breakfast biscuits.

In terms of work, there will be another two weeks before hopefully I’ll be shifting over to the dream schedule which is Wednesday to Sunday doing the night shifts so that’ll make budgeting and planning a whole lot easier. In the next few months I’ll be moving forward towards my ‘debt free by 2020’ goal so all focus is on that – a obtainable goal is a way of ensuring that all the decisions are working towards that end goal.

Regarding Apple Music, I absolutely love it – although not 100% perfect it great value for money plus it has allowed me to explore more more music without having to deal with an upfront cost not t mention not having to worry about backing up my library of music to the cloud as to avoid a misadventure if my external hard disk goes kaput. Skinny broadband is going awesomely well – the firmware update on the base station has worked well. It’ll be interesting to see whether we see BigPipe and Skinny Direct rolled into Skinny so then there will be simply the Spark brand then there is Skinny sub brand which lacks the fills you get with the Spark products but are considerably cheaper ($26 per 28 days for 2.5GB data, 300 minutes talk time and unlimited texts which is cheaper than either the low or the medium range plan and for someone like me who doesn’t live near a telephone booth (for the 1GBn per day free wifi) and lack of interest in Spotify).

The new roof is on the house now – the builders put the final touches and removed the scaffolding on Friday – it is a whole lot more quiet when raining outside not to mention not having to deal with leaks in the roof as well which is always a nice perk.

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