First day of my weekend gone

The weekend is going great – went for a 10km power walk tonight in between the rain which, by the way, has been raining cats and dogs on and off so the end result has been that my new roof has been getting a good work out. Although a power walk does have health benefits I also find it as an effective way to unwind and clear the clutter out of ones mind – focus on ones breathing the fresh cool air of the night whilst laying out a long term strategy to get where I want to be in 2-3 years time.

I’ve been having a look at the new Android Pie and how people are reporting on it along with a rumour that the Pixel 3 will be launching in the beginning of October this year. As I’ve said in the past, when it comes to the phone I am not wedded to Apple but because Google has flat out refused to provide the Pixel and Pixel 2 in New Zealand then the end result is always a shitty experience because of Samsung’s butchering of Android by ramming their Samsung Cloud that no one wants, that no one needs but Samsung keeps ‘trying to make it happen’ when it is clear that people just buy Android devices as a conduit to access Google services – Samsung devices are a means to an end and I wish that Samsung would stop trying to think that customers want a more Samsung experience when most just want Samsung to get out of the way. Lets hope that either the Pixel 3 comes either via their Play Store Devices or Kogan, PB Tech, Noel Leeming or some carrier bring it to New Zealand.

There have been another round of iOS, macOS, tvOS, watchOS betas a couple of days ago with all the feedback I’v read over on Reddit, Macrumors, Arstechnica and so on have been very position with many noting that even at this point it still feels very much like a final version given how robust it feels when compared to previous developer previews on 10.13. With all this praise it makes me wonder whether this is part of that rumoured big push by Apple to deal with the software quality issue that took a battering in the online press this year and the prior especially around dumb security and bug issues (such as the roof fiasco) or how features like APFS support on Fusion drives on 10.13 left end users feeling as though they had been shafted by Apple having bought a fusion drive only to find that they were left out in the cold when it came to their signature file system that was talked about at the announcement of High Sierra.

The biggest let down in the Android ecosystem has always been the lack of a decent Android TV set top box – either you have to purchase a woefully out of date CPU which dates back to 2015 or buying a whole new television set from Sony with the cheapest model that has Android TV starts at $1449 and when the vendor no longer wants to update the Android TV included then you’re stuck with an out of date expensive piece of equipment where as getting a set an Apple TV set top box would be a whole lot cheaper.

Oh, and from the ‘a solution in search of a problem’ department it appears that Alexa (and probably can be applied to other voice assistances) appears not to be as widely used to order things via Amazon as the ads on the internet and television would like to make out to be. Amazon of course is in detail overdrive but it appears, according to the article on Arstechnica (link) that only a small percentage of users actually use it to buy stuff. Who would have thunk it – a gimmicky device searching for a problem to solve that doesn’t actually exists turns out to be a giant waste of time. Here’s a hint Amazon, instead of shipping gimmicky devices how about shipping products to New Zealand instead of the current situation that every other product listed on your website saying, “seller does not ship outside of the United States’ and the numerous services that aren’t available from my location – apparently New Zealand is a giant backwater to Jeff Bezos but then again I wouldn’t be surprised given how stuck in the echo chamber he has created for himself.

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