Back to work tomorrow

Head off to bed because I’m back to work tomorrow but it was a fun couple of days off – mum has come back from her trip overseas which has give me a good goal for the next years which is to get my financial ducks sorted out in a row so then I can have something to strive for in terms of travel – I’ll head over with my family but I’ll take a trip back through the US then China or China then the US and meet up with some friends in the process.

Went shopping and picked up some nice food for next week – ventured beyond my usual narrow selection to see what else is on offer along with picking up some bags of ciabatta rolls which are on special at my local supermarket. I put those rolls int he freezer then get one out the night before so that I can take it to work where it’ll be defrosted nay the time I get around to eating it.

Weather is getting better but I have avoided using the heater unless I’ve really needed but that being said the new roof has helped keep the place dryer along with it being quieter and better insulated resulting in a warmer house on cold nights.

I had a look over at how Windows 10 is progressing and each time I walk away going, “yeah, and now I know why I own a Mac”. For me it is like watching something bad happen as a reminder of why I should be satisfied with what I have even with all the faults that it may have. I’m looking forward to the big upgrade at the end of this year although for Christmas I might splash out and buy an Apple Watch but I’ll see how things go with my finances and what happens in the iPhone world as well.

It is funny how the iCloud on the web seems to get its fair share of critics but what these critics ignore is this – iCloud on the web was never intended to be the primary way of interacting with iCloud but instead the primary way was through the applications that come loaded on macOS and iOS thus the web based front end is a supplement rather than the primary mode of interaction with iCloud. Call me an old battle axe but god knows I don’t want Apple going down the road that Google as insisted on going which is to turn the browser into something that is a pain in the ass to deal with. It is the same reason I prefer using MarsEdit for my WordPress blog instead of the web front end, the same reason I prefer using Mail, Calendar, Photos, Contacts instead of the web – because it allows me to treat them like seperate applications without all the needless crap being hauled along thus bogging down my system in the process.

Side note: I just noticed that Apple has updated their installation of Oracle Communications Messaging Server to the latest version – I haven’t noticed any difference but things are moving smoothly and unlike Google, Apple’s IMAP sticks to the industry standard rather than being the specialist snowflake who ever flaked a snowflake that Gmail insists on being by expanding functionality (for god knows what reason) resulting in a broken moving target that none of the mail client applications can seem to implement without it being a second class experience when compared to using the Gmail web based access (maybe that is all part of Google’s master plan?).

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