Damned if you do, damned if you don’t

Some music to accompany the title:

Getting back on topic, in the latest version of iOS it appears that the group FaceTime has been pulled from the latest beta which points to a possibility of it being removed for the GM release in favour of a release later on this year – maybe part of an iCloud refresh? Maybe released when macOS is released? I find it funny the backlash from the usual noise makers that complain when Apple releases something too early and not tested enough then turn around to whine that Apple has decided to hold back on releasing something because it isn’t ready yet for prime time. It seems that Apple is damned if they do, damned if they don’t when it comes to anything – the usual arm chair experts giving their five cents worth on a topic. Personally I’d prefer that Apple get it right so when it is released people are “wow, this is awesome, it just works” rather than getting angry because of something that is hyped to the ceiling and beyond turns out to be a let down because it either doesn’t work or if it does work it works unreliably.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the new iPhone coming out in around 2 months because rumour has it that it’ll be 100% Intel based models since the new Intel XMM 7560 modem which includes support for both the usual 2/3/4G but also CDMA2000 (Qualcomm was only ever kept around for CDMA2000 support) but the more important unveiling will be in around 2019/2020 because it has been reported that Intel has disbanded the team but then in an attempt to clarify the news they stated that the members have been assigned to other projects – well, they’re either working on said project or they’re been assigned to other projects thus disbanding the team, it is either one or the other. This has fed into the rumour that Apple will be using Intel modems until 2020 with a rumoured in house modem that’ll be building on top of their W2 chipset – W3 will probably include 5GHz support along with improved power management then in 2020 when they release the W4 then it’ll be a situation of it being a pure 2/3/4/5G modem which skips needing licence CDMA2000 patents. There is a good possibility that Apple could move to a software based mobile modem that’ll avoid having to hardwire the technology thus having a mobile modem that is universal as well as being able to add support for new technologies/frequencies where possible thus keeping up to date as carriers gain more spectrum (think of the T-Mobile acquisition of 600MHz spectrum in the US but few phones supporting it at the moment).

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