All complete: Left Apple Music and slowing rebuilding my music library

As I noted earlier, I’ve cancelled my Apple Music subscription which required me to rip all my music again and create backups of the music – XLD making back ups however I noticed that three of the CDs were damaged to the point that they couldn’t be ripped. As a result of that I bought a replacement CD (it was a Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album called ‘Dig Lazarus Dig’) through Amazon along with buying a few other CD’s in the process – although pricing of Apple Music was one aspect, the bigger aspect was the fact that music would appear then disappear, that albums that I had added to my library ended up suddenly not being available not to mention the fact that not all the tracks from albums were available either. A good example of an album with tracks missing would be ‘The Awakening’ by the Ahmed Jamal Trio being a good example of that where the second track, ‘I Love Music’ (which is sampled by Nas in the track entitled ‘The World is yours’), is missing from the service unless you buy the whole album which I already have so….why have the service when it seems to merely duplicate what is already have?

There is one part of the whole music subscription thing that I can’t get over and it is the same thing I could never quite get used to in the world of downloadable books – I like the idea of having something tangible in my hands, the feel and smell of paper, the fact that I can read it anywhere with having to worry about recharging it, updating it and the fact that I find reading off a paper easier than reading off a screen. Same thing with music – I like the idea of having a tangible collectible item that I can have in my bookshelf – the pleasure of not having instant gratification etc. also plays into it and thus having a greater appreciation of the music once I receive it. I bought Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds album called ‘Dig Lazarus Dig’ to replace one which was unreadable due to CD surface damage but I also bought a few other CD’ such as Gary Numan’s ‘The Pleasure Principle’ (which was a right PITA to buy because I had to order it then use YouShop (a re-mailing service run by New Zealand Post but if it all works well then I might start using them in future especially if the cost of postage is cheaper than going direct from Amazon especially if the reseller offers free domestic shipping)).

On a good side with Amazon, I’m creating a little wish list and I’ll gradually work through them and hopefully if I get a positive experience with YouShop that I’ll start using it in future – free shipping to the remailer then getting a good shipping deal from the United States to New Zealand.

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