First CD arrived today: The Ahmad Jamal Trio – The Awakening

So the CD has finally arrived:


Which is pretty damn good considering that it was ordered 2 September but it arrived today (11 September) – thank goodness I went for the cheapest delivery option available to avoid unnecessary costs. I’ve got a few more CD’s left to deliver but I’m also got some sitting in my ‘wish list’ as well – if YouShop all works out well then I’ll be using that in future given that in many cases they’ll ship it for free so in the end the only postage I’ll end up paying for is from the YouShop depot to New Zealand which will be via NZ Post’s partner DHL where they’ll probably get their cut. Anyway, this is what my bookshelf looks like so far – I think in the future I might need to look at getting another one as my library expands:


All the music I have is backed up in FLAC format which is then backed up to the cloud then it is converted from FLAC to AAC so then I have both a FLAC (original backup) and AAC version for my iPhone and when I listening to the music at home – I tend to set the encoding quality to maximum and bit rate to variable set to 127 (which is the highest quality) which ends to average the rate at around 300-350kbps – it takes a bit of space but it is worth it when one has a decent pear of ‘tin can’ Sennheiser headphones.

Got work tomorrow so I’m going to probably start taking books to work to read to get me away from the computer and something to do in between answer phone calls (assuming I don’t have anything to finish off). Going to leave the dehumidifier on overnight since I’ve got clothes drying – I don’t want a house with a yucky damn smell plus it is cheaper than having to have a dryer – last time I had one then power bill would shoot through the roof on the day I used it. Anyway, off to sleep and more fun hopefully tomorrow with the first day of work for the week.

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