iOS, watchOS and tvOS release today…maybe?

iOS, watchOS and tvOS is scheduled to be released today, 18 September 2018, however there has been a last minute bug found but there has been no word of it being pulled back which makes me wonder whether we’ll see iOS 12.0.1 released which will include a fix because from the sounds of things it should be a relatively easy thing to fix or at least I think it should be given my limited understanding of Webkit and how CSS are rendered on iOS and macOS (since the issue impacts both platforms). Next week will be the big release of macOS which will also be interesting to see – I’ll do a completely clean install as it is best practice, at least in my experience, that when moving between major releases to start with a clean slate as to avoid a situation of cruft from the old release causing problems where as with a clean install you’ve removed all variables so if things do go pear shaped the scope of investigation narrows down quite considerably.

Just before heading off to bed I found this great interpretation of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’:

I even found myself singing along to it. I love when a piece of music is embraced and interpreted in a new way in much the same way that Eumir Deodato did his own interpretation of Also Sprach Zarathustra:

Hopefully the last two CD’s will arrive in the next week then I can move onto getting the few CD’s I put on my wish list – I think that I might end up doing is putt everything through YouShop then group the packages into a single one. That being said though, I chose the cheapest form of shipping from the United States and they arrived within 10 days which isn’t all that much slower than the ‘fast shipping’ that was on offer so if I do ship direct I think I might just go for the cheapest shipping if it is going to be that fast in the non-festive times of the year.

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