macOS ‘Mojave’ is out!

It arrived at a few minutes past 5:00am this morning (New Zealand time) – clean install on all my iMac and MacBook Pro where I wiped the SSD clean then doing a clean install of a USB thumb drive (link) then I quickly installed it. I instantly put it into dark mode however one thing to remember is that the ‘tone’ of the dark mode is going to be very much impacted by the background that you choose so in the case of me I chose a background with a purple flower which softened the darkness’ so that it is more of a muted grey/black rather than the darkness that is seen with the Mojave desert background that is installed by default. So far things have been very stable although I did notice a small quirky on my MacBook Pro where there was some stuttering if two videos were playing at once (one in the background ground – playing but no audio on my twitter feed, one in the foreground being a YouTube video) but then again that is just niggling x.0 bugs that’ll always appear and I’m sure with feedback that those imperfections will be addressed pretty quickly (funny enough, the issue doesn’t appear on my iMac which makes me wonder whether it has something to do with the Intel GPU since IIRC macOS prefer to use the Intel one where it can as to improve battery life).

Arstechnica has once again done a great article going into the details and changes that might get overlooked if one were to just upgrade then jump in (link). When ever anyone says that ‘Apple is neglecting macOS’ I’ll use that as my goto document – that should shut down the conversation pretty quickly.

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