Pay day: Pay bills, order music and relax

Pay day has arrived so it was all about getting those bills sorted out – one of life’s lesson, always pay you bills in level of importance: Rent followed by power then mobile then internet then what ever is left over you live on/save/use to pay down debt. On a good side, getting into warmer weather means I no longer have to worry about using my heater which will save me around $100 per month but hopefully next year when I do go into winter that I’ll have retrofitted double glazed windows that’ll keep the heat in a lot better.

I jumped online to check out my wish list/saved cart – there were a few CD’s that were low in stock and given the niche nature of such CD’s the likelihood of them being out of stock for a long period of time is pretty high.

Screenshot 2018 09 28 at 12 58 38 AM

Unfortunately they’ll have to be shipped to a remailer operated by NZ Post (YouShop) which will then be sent through to me in New Zealand but the cost is inline if it were sent direct to New Zealand given that since it is operated by NZ Post then all the cost is rolled up as part of operating a courier operation rather than the other remailers where they have to get their cut and then send it onto another organisation where they’ll get their own cut. What I will do is wait till the YouShop depot gets all four CD’s then get them to bundle them up into a single shipment to New Zealand which will save money in the process. The one that I am really looking forward to is Demon Fuzz – a awesome mix of jazz, funk, rock, some aspects of ska and reggae – a great album, one of those gems that you find when on YouTube which goes into the larger behaviour I take issue with and that is the crack down on record companies that crack down on people who upload music – do these record companies actually realise that YouTube allows people to get exposure to new music and if they like it then they’ll go and purchase it? I know that is what led me to many of the music titles that have bought – sharing allows greater exploration of music. Oh well, off I go to bed so I am rested and ready for my next day at work.

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