Weekend going well, software being updated

Things are going well so far but it is interesting to see how there was a recent story about an ex-Apple engineer talking about how ‘terrible it is in Apple’ and the usual story of ‘how it is gone down hill since Steve Jobs died’. As someone who has worked in a large corporation I always find it funny how a single person working in a specific area of a large corporation can extrapolate their bad experience in that area to the whole organisation. When people go to the media and talk about the tale of woe – remember one thing, you’re getting a snap shot that is seen and interpreted through a particular lens that is distorted by a wish for the ‘good old days’ in a company that has rapidly increased in size of the organisation and a culture that had to change to accommodate the larger organisation size..

That change was bought about to accommodation a more hierarchical structure to accommodate the size so the old way of doing things of going ‘straight to Steve’ is no longer feasible – the CEO who had a finger in all the pies isn’t possible when an organisation gets as large as Apple so Tim Cook delegates – to jump over your immediate boss is to no respect that chain of command and to undermine the authority of your line manager – the only time where you want to jump over your line manager is if he or she is doing something that is illegal or in violation of company policy but even then there are processes that you need to follow.

Personally, I am pretty damn happy with how things are going with the hardware and software – the recent update of IOS and macOS has been the most stable x.0 release in years – infant I’d go so far as saying it is the most robust release and I’ve been using Mac’s way back when I first bought an eMac which came preloaded with 10.2.4 and I’ve bought ever release of MacOS X and installed ever upgrade that was made available through the App Store. In the 15 years I’ve been using macOS, 10.14 is the most stable it has been in years and now that there is a clear time table of removing 32bit functionality combined with OpenGL and OpenCL officially deprecated in favour of Metal/Metal Kit and Metal Performance Shaders.

In the grand scheme of things, there is the on going harmonisation between all the platforms then the UIKit work being done on macOS to provide at least a way to easily move code from macOS to iOS and vice versa. Then there is also the work done on addressing the concerns that developers have had for year regarding the sandboxing, the requirement for App Store apps, which was too restrictive resulting in many companies either pulling their applications out of the store (BBEdit, Panic) or never entering into the store (Microsoft, Adobe etc). For a company that has stopped caring they seem to ben doing an awful lot of work to address the concerns of developers where in previous years they simply ignored. I remember for years and years Apple just simply ignored developers who complained about the sandboxing and yet nothing had been done but now things are happening. Years of half-assing OpenGL and OpenCL development we finally hear a vision put forward by Apple – Metal is the future and OpenGL/OpenCL is being deprecated then removed in the long term – no more jerking around and lack of communication. Again, with all the improvements and work in progress, where is the neglect? Maybe if you define neglect as ‘I’m not getting what I want’ then sure, if you don’t like it, there is always Windows or dealing with trying to get Linux to work reliably.

My music collection is gradually expanding but I am rather frustrated that a request for a tracking number for a CD I ordered resulted in Amazon cancelling and refunding an order – does anyone at Amazon actually read the messages or do they just read the subject line then guess what the customer wants? How about this novel idea – stop treating me like an idiot with drop down boxes and I’ll write the subject line not you thank you very much. Well, we’re in the process of getting that debacle sorted out but I’m happy because it gives me a few things to aim for over the next few months – I’d sooner spend the money on something substantial than frittering it away each night on impulse buys. Now it is a matter of re-organising my shelves so I can fit everything on but on the subject of shelves, I noticed that I had a boxed music set that I hadn’t ripped yet so I’m going to do that when I get up – finishing off the ripping process. The big question when it comes to my FLAC backups is whether I pay for a storage on iCloud (NZ$4.49 per month for 200GB, NZ$15 per month for 2TB) which makes the backup/restore integrated and easy or whether I should use the Microsoft One drive that I have as part of the Office 365 family pack which includes 1TB of storage.

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