I really want to use Safari 12 but…

I really do want to use Safari 12 on macOS but I’m finding that the inability to have a functioning ad blocker along with filters to stop bitcoin miners (that use javascript) has pretty much forced me into looking at Chrome. I understand the need to move things forward in terms of a new content blocking API but the net result has been making Safari incompatible with the dominant browser extension API resulting in many developers just throwing their hands up in the end and walking away from developing extensions for Safari (uBlocker origin being the most recent example but there are past examples such as the Reddit Enhancement Suite which had quite a strong following). The big gamble that Apple has made is that the uniform API between the iOS and macOS Safari will result in developers targeting iOS and macOS will benefit as a side effect of that but so far I haven’t seen that happen. The problem was made worse by the fact that it all has to be pushed through the app store (Apple argues that it is for the sake of security) which requires one to have a $99 per year developer account – for developers who provide their extensions free of charge. Developers will always target the biggest platform and that is Chrome at the moment (majority marketshare on macOS, Windows and Android) so as a result of Apple changing the API then on top of that charging $99 has left developers deciding “only a few extra lines of code was ok but now you’re expecting me to pay $99 per year? bah, not worth the effort”.

I’m going to give this a go for a while and see what happens – worse case scenario is that I keep Chrome for when I need an ad blocker but use Safari for everything but I guess I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it.  One thing to consider is this, the Content Blocker API still has a limitation of 50K, the average easy list of ad blockers is sitting at 85K, and that doesn’t take into account the 26K malware domains and more. When people think that 50K is enough – they clearly haven’t looked at how big the filters are because 50K certainly isn’t enough.

Side note, it is interesting to see ANZ in New Zealand has moved from their inhouse payment software ‘goMoney Wallet’ so that makes for interesting conversation as to whether other banks fall in line – Westpac has its own payment software but how long will they hold out for? ASB has had its own for quite some time – how long will they hold out for? at some point I think they’re eventually going to fold as the pressure from customers will force a change because if the reviews on the Play Store and App Store are anything to go by, eventually them holding out for a ‘better deal’ from Apple and Google is ultimately going to hurt them in the long run.

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