Back to work tomorrow, delivery arrived and departing soon

Good news, the delivery from Amazon has arrived at YouShop (a re-mailing business run by New Zealand Post) – four orders in four separate boxes have been consolidated down into a single box which will be shipped to New Zealand resulting in 7 CD’s arriving hopefully within the next week or so. As much as the rest of the world has moved to downloadable music and music subscriptions, I still prefer the psychologically satisfying feel of having a physical product in my hands – the order, the excitement of waiting and the satisfaction of having waited and then receiving it rather than the instant gratification that comes with ordering a virtual product. It probably explains why, even with the birth of ebooks that I still prefer to buy physical books – the satisfaction of holding a book, the feel of the pages, the smell of the pages, the text on the page, make the whole experience of reading a more satisfying experience.

I was sceptical at first that the 64bit version of XLD would make it but it has been officially launched – a pure 64bit version of XLD then the work it appears that is taking place when it comes to ‘dark mode’ compatibility will mean that by the time macOS 10.15 rolls around next year that we’ll see XLD 64bit full mature and ‘dark mode’ compatibility in a mature state. With all that being said, I’ve used it and it is working perfectly – I rip the CD’s I buy using XLD secure mode, encode them to FLAC format for archival purposes to back up the CD then after copying it to my hard disk I then encode those FLAC files to AAC format then import them into my iTunes library (which I also back up). So far I’m pretty happy with how things are going but it’ll be interesting to see what happens with Apple’s own Compressor given that it is still a 32bit – whether we’re going to see a 64bit version of that soon but so far I haven’t heard much talk about that.

Work is starting up on Wednesday, so I’m back to work but on a good side I got my fortnightly shopping out of the way – all stocked up with heavy food for the next couple of weeks so I’ll be looking forward to yummy meals at work.

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