Getting back on track

With the wonderful weather I’ve been focusing on getting my life back on track but rather than making big radical changes what I’ve been focused on is making small incremental improvements then once I start getting into a good habit (normally within a week of doing something) I then add another thing that I can do. For example, I’ve said to myself that each night I will go for a walk – doesn’t have to be a big walk but at least one walk a night as a way of unwinding from work and working out any stress which can help to get to sleep without having my mind racing at 100 kilometres per hour. I’m going to keep doing that and then make another life style change when I feel comfortable. Long term what I am hoping that a gradual approach will eventually make these life style changes second nature to the point that I don’t have to consciously think about doing them because they’ll just become part of my normal routine.

I’m looking forward to also the CD’s arriving that I ordered – I’ve finally started taking advantage of the YouShop address in the UK where I’ll get the CD’s I ordered repackaged into a single package and then sent to New Zealand. It works out cheaper in most cases because many sellers will give free domestic shipping to the remailer (YouShop) and then I group all those CD’s into a single parcel for a once off cost that is cheaper than if all the individual CD’s were sent via international post as separate parcels. I’ve got around 33 CD’s sitting in my wish list that I’m gradually working through so I’m looking forward to getting that all sorted but in the mean time what I’m going to do if I have some spare time is to start uploading all my music to OneDrive or maybe look at a network attached storage device which has built in redundancy and can be shared over the network such as a Drobo with the device in the spare room along with the router etc.

Anyway, off to bed now as I’ve got work tomorrow as well as Saturday and Sunday with Monday and Tuesday off as usual.

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