5 days down, 2 days to go..

Damn that felt good; went for an 8.9km walk tonight and it really helped me unwind – allow me to think to myself what happened during the day, thinking about what I’ll do tomorrow etc. so when I came back, got undressed and put the washing on then have a shower I was all relaxed and ready for bed. It is interesting how I find it easier to get to sleep after a good nights walk – although I felt like having a couple days rest from my routine walk I found it more difficult to get to sleep so I think in future I need to force myself to go for a walk because although I don’t want to I also realise that the benefits far out weight the annoyance. On a good side the blisters on the back of my heels have fixed up so hopefully a thicker skin has grown back to avoid that sort of issue from occurring in future. At this rate I’ll put in a couple more 8.9km walks and I’ll feel that I’ve had a good work out for the week even with the couple of days rest.

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