Pre-Christmas cleaning all done!

I finally got myself motivated over the two days I had off to clean everything from top to bottom in the home and completely weed all the backyard. I started off dealing with the weeds in between the cracks in the concrete along with weeding the garden but because of timing I wasn’t able to grab the water blaster off mum to water blast the concrete areas down and wash the outside of the house – I’ll get that sorted out next week along with giving the house a wash down with some warm soapy water. Inside I pulled all the curtains back to clean the window frames and sills down with hot soapy water along with the skirting-boards to remove all the dust then after all that is done I then hoover the floors. Sure, you do the day to day cleaning as part of the routine but sometimes you need to do some ‘detail cleaning’ (what we used to call it in the fast food industry) where you clean from top to bottom including all those areas you wouldn’t otherwise think need cleaning. Long story short – the place is cleaned from top to bottom along with airing out duvets in the fresh air along with nice clean sheets etc.

After all that cleaning the one life style change I am going to do is relegate all eating to the kitchen and find some sort of shelf where I cal put the microwave and toaster so then I can buy a couple of stools for the breakfast bar so that I can have dinner there and keep the lounge room clean of crumbs getting on the floor. I’m having a look at a shelf from Bunnings or Mitre 10 so then I can put the microwave and toaster on it along with putting the kettle on there too so then I have more bench space.

Anyway, got work tomorrow so a good night sleep is in order so that I am bright eyed and busy tailed ready for work.

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