Another update avalanche

After many weeks of testing Apple released updates for iOS, tvOS, macOS and watchOS. They were all pretty big updates; iOS was north of 331MB, macOS was sitting at around 2.49GB and tvOS was somewhere close to what iOS was (I could only guess based on the time given that on tvOS it doesn’t mention how big the download is going to be). Lots of security updates have been addressed and on my iPhone XS Max the modem firmware has been updated from 1.01.30 to 1.02.18 – contrary to the complaints on many outlets, the signal reliability for wifi and mobile have been outstanding. I don’t want to sound snarky but almost every complaint about Apple’s new iPhone and reception have been from the United States – maybe the anger should be vented at carriers not building a decent network instead of expecting phone producers to spend time and resources on trying to address what appears to be a uniquely American problem.

Part of the updates has been the release of an update for the Unifi Security Gateway (USG) which updated it from 4.4.29 to 4.4.34 along with a stable candidate that was put out for the 8 port Unifi Switch and Unifi AP AC HD but I’ve refrained from installing those until it is officially pushed to the Unifi update repository which gives the official Unifi stamp of approval as so far as it being a stable release.

Oh, and I finally caved and just paid for the shipping of those things I bought that were sitting in the YouShop holding area – get them back to New Zealand before the the mail service is really under stress not to mention the fact that it’ll be coming from USA so I don’t want the shipment being delay due to snow or some unforeseen weather related event. I’ve still got some more CD’s sitting on my Amazon wish list but I’ll work through that over Christmas and the new year as my bookshelf fills up with more CDs. I am looking forward to the trip up to Auckland – got my sister taking up all the presents and food/drink for Christmas so I won’t have to carry much on the train. Hopefully tomorrow will be as uneventful as today was.

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