Start of the weekend..finally finish off a blog post

So another week was come and gone but hopefully this weekend I’ll finish off the blog post that I’ve put on the back burner – it is a post regarding the cynical way in which the west use the legitimate issue of human right as a red herring to their anterior motive which isn’t noble in nature at all. I’ll be going into more detail when I get up tomorrow but I’m sure it’ll be a good read when compared to my usual ‘self therapy’ that I engage in by talking about how my day has gone and what I’ll be doing tomorrow.

Work has been going great, still more training then combine that with the silly season, there are a few more things I need to sort out for Christmas – alcohol and desert but that will have to wait till tomorrow so then I can get that all sorted out – Denheath is where I’m looking at getting the desert from but I’ll need to ring up tomorrow to get the details as so far as the best before and delivery dates because I’ll need it before I head off up north to be with the family.

Side note: I’ll be taking the train up so I’m going to take some photos and maybe some small videos on the way up so people who have never been on the Wellington to Auckland train can get to see what it is like. I’ll be taking up my laptop and tethering it to my mobile phone – I should get a fairly good signal given that Skinny (they use Spark’s network) has good 700MHz coverage which will hopefully mean good 4G coverage on the way up there.

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