All done, a week of sanity before Christmas

Something I’ve gotten into a habit over the years, to avoid the Christmas rush stress, is to ensure that everything is organised at least one week before Christmas.  The first time I do over the months leading up is getting stuff when they’re on special and put them aside – particularly useful when you’re someone like me who likes to pick up specials from the United States and then use YouShop to get it delivered. For Christmas Day itself, we all take turns bringing something with my sister most likely to do the desert, my brother and his partner to do the main meal and me I am bringing along wine, beer and cider.

I’m not too sure whether I’ve mentioned this but I’m going to ben taking the train up to Auckland – I’ve never been on the train up to Wellington but having done the one from Picton to Christchurch so I thought I as well try the Wellington to Auckland so this is what it looks like on the map:

KiwiRail passenger train map north island

It leaves at 7:45am and arrives at 6:50pm (11 hour journey) so I’ll be making sure that not only will I be bringing my laptop I’ll also grab some food at the New World at the rail way station as to avoid buying stuff on the train (take a guess what the prices are like with a captive audience). New World has some nice fresh baking along with various ready made meals – relaxing on the train and enjoying a roast lamb salad. It’ll be an early start – getting up at 5:15 so I can catch the 6:21am train – it’ll be a long day given that the night before I would have worked from 1:30pm to 10:00pm.

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