Intel’s new CPU and GPU direction: Lessons learned and humble pie consumed

Intel has come back into the CPU/ GPU ring fighting and part of that involves a generous helping of humble pie by Intel admitting that they screwed up as seen by the fiasco with 10nm – Intel has its press release (link) where as Arstechnica goes into more detail in their news story (link). It sounds like a repeat of the mistake surrounding the P4 but on a smaller scale but that being said it has had an impact not only on Intel but also its partners which makes me wonder whether the turn around will impact existing plans at Apple (regarding the rumoured ARM) or whether it is full steam ahead regardless because the decision being made is external of what Intel does. With that being said the architectural improvements to squeeze even more performance out. There is also a big focus on improving GPU performance (link) along with rumours that Intel looking at maybe even offering a discrete Intel dedicated GPU which will make for interesting competition to the current duopoly of AMD and nVidia in the professional and gaming market. 

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