Merry Christmas

Well, I’m up and out of bed, getting ready for Christmas lunch but ensuring that all the presents etc. are all presented nicely. I gave my niece her present since she is spending Christmas with her fathers family this Christmas. When ever I buy presents for kids my nieces age I’m always worried that I’ll be ‘one of those uncles’ that go out to buy something no on wanted and thus leaving them disappointed hence I’ve decided to go with a voucher – $30 Farmers voucher, a box of Pringles and some Christmas cookies although I have to admit that next year I’ll probably just give cash lol save a whole lot of drama.

It has been raining like crazy up here in Auckland with last night just being the heaviest rain I’ve experienced in a long time but we soldiered on by having a BBQ in the carport – venison sausages, potato bake and a salad. Having a low key Christmas this year – nothing too dramatic although I regret not buying that Denheath desert sampler box which would have been great but of course mum insisted that it was all taken care of. Sigh. Next time I should remember to go with my gut instinct.

On the matter of information technology, AnandTech has got a great deep dive article regarding the Intel press conference where there was the Sunny Cove architecture announcement along with its GPU roadmap (link). The GPU roadmap is particularly interesting given that they’re not only doing an architecture revamp, they’re also incorporating techniques that the likes of ARM and PowerVR have been using for years to reduce bandwidth requirements such as tile based rendering. There is also a focus on delivering this GPU as dedicated graphics cards so it’ll be interesting to watch to see what happens – I’d say that it won’t happen until the end of next year with products emerging the beginning of the following year. Then there is also the rumour of ‘Windows Lite’ (a Windows stripped of legacy) and Apple moving to its own ARM CPUs which will make for an interesting next 5 years.

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