A new day, a new year

A new day for a new year and with that new year comes a new resolution – that involves making some big changes in my life; financially as well as health wise. I got through the first year at my job which was a big focus but this year I want to build a strong foundation going forward which includes getting my financial house in order by getting 75-100% my debt cleared by the end of the year. In terms of my heath the big focus is on moving to healthier eating and living in general which means moving away from fast foods, moving to a more vegan/vegetarian diet with a focus on high fibre nutrient rich food. This week’s pay will be the first shop for the first week of my new regime for the year so I’m going to make sure that I create a list with a budget to ensure that I stick with a plan – which goes into another focus which is having a good routine.

With that all being said, I an still nursing myself after getting knocked for six over Christmas – a combination of no sleep on the day I took the train up to Auckland then combine that with the lack of quality sleep over the next few days resulted in my immune system falling through the floor. Over the last few days I’ve been getting myself back on track but I think that I might need some time off from work because I don’t want to force myself back into a stressful work environment where I am not fully healed resulting in not only spreading it to my work colleagues but also getting sick again because of the stress put on the body which isn’t in a fully strong state.

On a good side I’m tinkering around with iMovie so I’m going to give that a go because I’m tempted to make some videos about Windows 10 and technology not to mention philosophy and politics so we’ll see how that goes. I won’t be showing my face on the video because it would be kind of pointless given that unless I’m going to offer visual aids or something that justifies having a visual presence then not showing my face is good enough. In the future? Sure, at a later date as my iMovie skills improve I might start start showing my face but other than that I’ll just stick to the plan – hopefully the use of YouTube will expand my online presences and gradually build up an audience so that my posts move beyond just yelling into the emptiness of space.

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