One more day to go

Work has been great but it has been crazy with recent changes which has impacted customers so I’ve opted in to doing some overtime for the last couple of days (2 hours on Friday and Saturday) and I was tempted to go an extra hours on Sunday but I was completed stuffed by the end of my Saturday shift that I really need a good night sleep. Although my job isn’t physically exhausting it is very mentally exhausting – although I can deal with interacting with people I find it mentally exhausting and thus I need at least 1-2 days off to recharge my batteries which is where I stay at home, chill out, go for quiet walks by myself etc.

After a few months of quietness it appears that the developers over at Ubiquiti has picked up steam with the recent updates to Unifi USG, Unifi Switch and Unifi AC AP HD – they’ve delivered 5GHz 160MHz channel support (I’ve stayed with 80MHz since none of my hardware supports 160MHz channels). It’ll be interesting to see what the next version of the Unifi Controller will be like – maybe ipv6 support will be ready or at least moved out of alpha stage at the moment but that being said, given that Spark is still on ipv4 with no disclosed time period for ipv6 I’m in no great hurry other than the geek cred of having the latest and greatest.

I’m still thinking about putting together a ‘once a week’ podcast – if I use a service then I’ll probably sign up for libsyn but I’ll see how it all turns out.

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