When conspiracy theories start to appear not to be so crazy after all

With the self appointment Juan Guaidó in Venezuela the interesting part of this whole turn of events is how there was a plan of regime change that pre-dates Trump – that the ‘deep state’ (a term that some on the left and the right like to use – a term I try avoid because it undermines ones credibility given the air of ‘conspiracy theorist’ that comes with it) has an agenda already and the most can do is nudge it a particular direction but has very limited scope on changing the over all policy. For example, Elliott Abrams (yes, the same person involved in Iran-Contra) was rumoured to have been rejected for an undersecretary position by Trump  has come back as the COO of regime change (link).

Remember the Trump promise of no more regime change? No more foreign wars? No more nation building? I think about this in the light of Obama where his slogan was ‘no more stupid wars’ and ‘no more nation building’ and what happened? The United States went from 2 wars to 7 wars, then there was the Arab spring and given what is known about the Venezuelan opposition the obvious question is how organic were those protests in Syria for example or was it the dirty tricks department within the government doing some off the books shit stirring to necessitate the actual government to officially do something or say something what is happening in said countries.

What is also interesting is the degree in which Jair Bolsonaro was supported by outside actors particularly when you consider that the United States support far right paramilitary groups within Ukraine that carry paintings of Stepan Bandera at their rallies – branding him as a ‘nationalist patriot’ when in reality he was a NAZI collaborator. The media of course branding all these rallies as ‘Ukrainians yearning for their freedom from the yoke of Russian oppression’ whilst spending zero time investigating the man in the painting that any given participant was carrying at the front of the rally.

Anyone starting to see a pattern here? Supporting the far right – be they the far right fascist organisations I Ukraine, Brazil, Venezuela etc. or militant Islamic fundamentalist groups that the United States supported in Syria whilst the mainstream media labelled these vile groups as ‘freedom fighters’. When it comes to the heavy lifting about researching into the background of these groups it is left up to the alternative media, primarily left wing, to do the necessary heaving lifting to find out what these so-called ‘freedom fighting’ groups are actually about – we quickly find that they do a lot of fighting but they do very little in the way of advocating for freedom other than the freedom for multinationals to screw over the bottom half of the population. It goes back to the troubling practice of supporting groups that happen to be the enemy of Americas enemy (aka the enemy of my enemy is a friend of mine) whilst ignoring the blow back that can occur  Here is a great book on that very topic (link) where the author outlines that this strategy is hardly new and yet it appears that nothing is learned – either that or that the powers that be in the United States don’t care about the blow back.

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