One more day to go: Saturday is lamb day

I’ve been feeling bloody horrible for a week so I’ve been pulling things out of my diet – the first thing I did was pull out dairy for my diet. No more ‘Up and Go’, no more ‘instant flavoured coffee’ (which include powdered milk)  in favour of black coffee etc. and that alone has really helped. The other part has been getting rid of bread – stripping out carbohydrates to the absolute bare minimum and that has also helped as well so I am unsure why I am feeling better but it appears to be working so I’m going to continue on my merry way with this programme. Btw, it has been one hell of an arduous task because I love chocolate and I really love ice cream but I’m not going to go back to having the really bad stomach pain that I had if the end result of eating a tub of ice cream is 10 minutes of bliss followed by two days of absolute agony (imagine someone crushing your stomach whist stabbing it with a thousand knives).

Tonight have had a wonderful lamb with mint sauce – pepper and Himalayan pink salt, cooked in the oven for around 28 minutes, then left to rest for 5 minutes then got into nice slices with mint sauce. After being at work I didn’t feel like anything else – no vegetables, no rice, no couscous, just some slices of lamb with mint sauce and that has left me a happy lad.

Tomorrow is the last day of the work week where I’ll be starting early and back home early which will mean that I’ll get an early start on Monday to get things sorted for the coming week. I’ve been having a look at my holiday hours that I’ve clocked up and it looks like I have over two weeks of holidays not to mention the days in lieu so it’ll be interesting whether, like my previous job, they will ask me whether I want to go on a break as to reduce the amount of outstanding holidays since such holidays constitute an unfunded liability sitting on the books.

I’m looking forward to this year, finally paying off the last bit of my student loans then working on getting the rest of my financial life in better shape but so far things are going well – it’s a long term project but that is the main focus so that when I get to the end of 2020 that I am 100% debt free and I am in better financial health as well as better physical health.

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