Back to work tomorrow

Well, laying in bed as I chill out before heading off to sleep but I thought I might as well ‘spill my guts’ on what I’ve done today. Well, I slept in this morning until 11am and got up to have a cup of tea and work out what to do. So basically I farted around for a few hours – went out and bought a buttered chicken pie and a banana/sultana/salted caramel muffin – brunch of champions.

Tonight I went along to the local Green Party meeting – the first one since becoming a member over a year ago but it was a productive one and it is great to see the many people from different walks of life and their impact on the local community in which I live. Next month one of the MPs from central government will visit and answer a variety of questions which will hopefully also illuminate how the government operates – hopefully that’ll give me some hope that a lot of work is occurring behind the scenes but it isn’t being reported on.

I’m giving Chrome 72 a try with Chrome 73 coming out with dark mode support in macOS along with Progressive Web App (PWA) support which will make for an interesting situation given that the mobile Twitter page is practically a PWA. I’m looking forward to WWDC this year particularly when you consider the major improvements in Safari that have been in the works (as seen with their technology previews they’ve been putting out since the programme began). I think the big announcement or at least I hope doing something about their iCloud service especially for those users who depend on using the web based interface.

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