Finally found an adblocker, so long Chrome

As many of you are aware the only reason I was flirting with Chrome was because I really need an ad blocker given the pervasiveness of obnoxious ads and I finally found one that is worthy to be a replacement for uBlock Origin and that is Ad Guard. I’ve installed it, updated the filters and it works absolutely beautifully. The thing I was concerned about were the number of filters and whether it would hit the 50K limit but it appears that didn’t occur. When I used Ad Blocker Plus it would still allow a tonne of ads through however Ad Guard does a pretty damn good job at blocking as well as supporting blocking websites that use javascript based bit coin miners (link) where I’m sure you’ve found that your fans will suddenly spin up because the website is trying to mine coins on your computer.

The thing I am excited about is the changes that’ll come in macOS 10.14.4 with the inclusion of Safari 12.1 which includes a host of new features (link) but rumour has it that in iOS 13/macOS 15.0 that there will be big improvements so I guess that all the work as seen over the years in the Safari technology previews will make their debut at WWDC.

Edit: I’ve got it installed on my iPhone now – amazing how, once you shed ads, how quickly websites load. Maybe this is a clear message to websites, if you want to get on my whitelist then stop bogging down your page with obnoxious auto-playing ads. If you as a website want people not to block ads then think about how those ads are resulting in a negative user experience and avoid doing that in future.

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