Two more days to go then the weekend

At work and at home I’m been getting better disciplined and focused on at work as well as at home – more reading rather than just mindless doodling on the internet for starters including when I’m at work on my break where as before I would surf the internet on my break but I would get into a bad habit of doing it while working thus making me distracted so I want to draw that clear distinction where at work I work and on my break I read my book to relax – right now I’m reading through the book Chomsky on Anarchism (a collection of essays in paperback form). I really do need to get back into reading because I’ve got so many books that I have yet to read and maybe next week (or the week after) I’ll invest in getting a nice bed side lamp so then I can do some reading before going to sleep – a great way to unwind after work.

There has been a lot of buzz made about the folding phones that were shown off by Huawei and Samsung at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) and the usual suspects come out of the woodworks claiming that Apple is behind the curve but I have to ask, and I don’t want to sound like a grumpy old man, have we see ‘game changing technology’ only to crash and burn when they actually get out into the real world. Anyone remember how 3D televisions were going to be the next big thing? Well, do you see television vendors boasting about their 3D capabilities these days? Remember curved displays? Apart from it being a niche in the monitor world, where are all these curved televisions that the talking heads in the technology press were claiming would be the future of entertainment?

Well, here we are with the latest crop of pointless technology gizmos that sound great in the lab but here is the problem or more correctly, what problem do they actually solve? A consumer has a problem and it is up to the business to come up to a solution to the problem either by recognising the problem or recognising how ever day activities could be made easier (not that doing it the old way was ‘problem’ per se but rather something to make life easier). I’m siting here asking, “what problem does it actually solve”? And the answer is nothing – it is a novelty that fails to address the core fundamental problem with Samsung and Huawei products – that their software is poorly maintained both when it comes to regular security updates not to mention the long times between Android being released and it being made available to consumers as an upgrade not to mention the abysmal support policy where as with iPhone I over 5 years of software updates where as with the latest Samsung flagship I am lucky to get 2 years – close to the same price point and all I get from Samsung is 2 years support and Samsung Cloud garbage rammed down by throat? Oh, but apparently all that can be ignored because “oooh, it’s a folding phone!’. Call me old fashioned but maybe Samsung and Huawei should focus on getting the fundamentals right before branching out to novelty phones that have all the usefulness as lights in the back of ones sneakers or those kids sneakers with wheels in the back of them.

Regarding iCloud, I am hoping that with the big push into services that we’ll see more investment into iCloud beyond it just being a functional cloud service into something that is a lot more feature rich but I wonder whether part of work involves making major investments into Safari given that Safari 12.0.3 that comes with macOS 10.14.3 sits at 468 points but based on what I have read on numerous forums, 10.14.4 will come with Safari 12.1 which has a score of 499 points with rumours that the Safari that is being worked on for the next release of iOS and macOS will have major performance improvements as well as standards compliance. This increased standards compliance points to maybe an overhaul in their own cloud services but I guess at this point it is all speculation until there is a formal announcement.

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