Another weekend..a three day weeekend

Watching some videos on my day off:

I always like to watch videos from a variety of different angles – not simply to re-enforce what I already believe but to also provoke and force a re-evaluation of positions that I’ve held but may not longer be true now that more information has come forward from studies or someone has a provocative argument that upend the original basis on which my position was based upon.

The AI debate with Jaron Lanier raises some interesting questions particularly when you think about it within the context of his writing regarding social networking and online services in general. For example in the case of online services there is extensive use of algorithms for curation but we’re just starting to see how in the case of YouTube it ends up leading people down a rabbit’s hole of extremism. There has been recent a recent scandal regarding Facebook using the 2FA beyond just simply for the sake of scurity but also for the ability for people to find you even though you only want it solely to be used for 2FA (link). Whilst all this is happening we have Mark Zukerberg declare in a blogpost on Facebook that privacy is a top priority (link) which is hard to believe given that what they’ve done regarding 2FA would have required them to go out of their way to integrate the 2FA system in with the user directory search so it isn’t as though it was an oversight or something – it was something that was deliberate.

Mark did however make an observation regarding open platforms but then again he is pointing out a trend that was already developing and that is the creation of ‘private enclaves’ on platforms. For example, in the case of my own family we have a WhatsApp group where everyone in the immediate family are members of that group so that that there is a recreation of a Facebook like social experience but instead it is closed and only those invited into the group can view the content and participate rather than the situation today where HR departments are paying third parties to scrape information of Facebook to make hiring decisions based purely on what an individual does outside of their work hours which have resulted in many simply leaving such open platforms to avoid such dramas in the first place.

Regarding the launch of the Samsung S10 along with the price ‘re-adjustment’ of the iPhone in key growth marks has resulted in some interesting things taking place. On the iPhone from there has been reports of a bounce back in sales numbers after a massive slump (link) but that was quickly undermined by a report two weeks later where a UBS analyst noted that there hasn’t been a rebound (link) so it makes for interesting reading when you consider the the launch of the Samsung S10 Plus Ceramic model with 512GB of storage is NZ$700 cheaper than an iPhone XS Max with 512GB. So you can imagine when a Chinese consumer is faced with a Samsung phone that is NZ$700 cheaper than an iPhone XS Max then the argument to buy an Apple vs. Samsung will be a difficult one to make given the circumstances such as the money saved. That being said 9 to 5 Mac has put out a review of the Samsung S10 Plus from an iPhone uses perspective:

I have to admit the review is pretty snarky particularly regarding regarding ‘wobble’ of having a phone on a table (who the heck uses a phone on a flat surface? why wouldn’t you hold it with on hand and either use your thumb on the hand holding the phone or use ones other hand’s finders to control the device? that being said, I’ve had some hands on time with it at the local store (Spark retail store down at my local mall) and it is a definite leap forward in quality over S9 particularly in the area of software quality (anyone remember those early bugs that were found such as calls dropping out 2 minutes into a call?) but what will be more interesting is what they will do when it comes to software updates – whether there has been changes within their build of Android to ensure that updates can be tested and deployed in a timely manner.

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