Chrome 73 released, PWAs come to macOS and more

Chrome 73 has been released which includes not only support for dark mode on macOS but also a much awaited (well, awaited for me) PWA support on macOS – which has been available on the other platforms that Chrome is available on. In the case of macOS it allows the likes of Twitter to be available in the form of an application that can be launched from the dock and behave as if it were a local running application. The official Twitter application for macOS was officially discontinued in March 2018 thus leaving people with very few choices other than either using the website itself or resorting to third party applications that were intentionally crippled by Twitter by changing the API and charging for more advanced functionality. Windows users were lucky enough to have PWA support built into Windows 10 meaning that when Twitter did kill off their native application it was quickly replaced with a PWA version that was available through the store. In the case of Apple however their support for PWAs very much lingers which makes me wonder whether this lingering has to do with wanting to transform Safari into a feature complete framework replacement for Chromium in Electron based applications or whether it is the last vestige of resistance within Apple against the inevitability of PWAs stepping in where applications (being sold through the store and paying fees to Apple) used to sit.

Chrome 73 has been pretty stable so far although interesting enough my work’s bank that they bank with is ANZ which offers a ’employee package’ to the employees of companies that bank with ANZ. The net result? I’ve signed up for an ANZ account but I’ll see what happens because I’m going to have to go into a local branch with some identity documents to get it all formally setup. The benefit also with ANZ has been the fact that they’ve also moved to Google Pay so they’re one of two banks in New Zealand that offer both Apple Pay and Google Pay support whereas ASB insists on being the most special of special snowflakes with its own NFC payment solution on Android rather than simply doing what is best for consumers and that is embracing Google Pay.

Just a bit of a side note, most of you have probably heard about Elizabeth Warren’s announcement of ‘breaking up the big technology companies’. I’ll write an article about it in the coming week but it won’t be a pro or anti but rather looking into the nitty-gritty. Long story short, I support her end goal but I don’t agree with the method that she is employing to get to that end goal.

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