*gurgly stomach sound* better stay at home

Woke up, sore stomach, thought I better not risk it and later on in the day I realised it was the best decision I made. I stayed at home but then I went down to ANZ thinking that I can finalise the application but nope, they want me to come back at an organised time – a friendly tip to any organisation, if I cannot set it up online and you require me to come back on my day off to get something sorted then you’ve lost me as a customer straight off the bat (not to mention the fact that ANZ still hasn’t fixed the issue where saved payees setup via the website aren’t available through the mobile applications). Funny enough BNZ on the other hand made it very easy, I plonk in my details, upload a bill from my electricity company, confirmed my address etc. and everything went through without any drama. I’ll contact ANZ on either tomorrow or Monday and cancel the appointment. It is amazing how businesses never learn.

Anyway, I better head off to bed for a good night sleep but I’m still thinking about the article I’ll write over the next few days regarding Elizabeth Warren’s proposal.

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