Back to work tomorrow; Product refresh and sixth beta of iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS

Getting back to work tomorrow but happy to get back to work as things start to calm down – a whole new system and customers getting used to it is time consuming but gradually I’d say that as people become accustomed to the new system and the developers keep taking on the feedback it should hopefully mean that there are fewer rough edges. That being said, I’m happy with my work – a job is a job, money is money, and ultimately it is a means to an end so I can achieve what I want in my own spare time.

Apple recently released the sixth beta for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS – it has been one heck of a journey given the number of beta releases but also keep in mind that part of this journey is the integration of biometric support into Safari which also includes a leap from 12.0.3 to 12.1 – reading through the release notes it appears that Apple has merged a lot of the changes from their technology previews into Safari resulting in a jump from 468 to 499 in the HTML5 test – although not as good as Chrome, which sits at 528. I am happy that Apple is taking its time to focus on not only implementing as documented but also ensuring that It is implemented in the most efficient way possible so that it doesn’t result in Safari becoming a battery hog like Chrome has become.

There is going to be an announcement on 25 March (US time) which makes me wonder whether it’ll be released in conjunction with that – that there are goodies that are dependent upon the up coming updates – maybe even features that have yet to merge will appear in a large beta build that have been getting tested internally. There are rumours regarding what will be announced with most of the big hitters like John Gruber and others have talked about Apple expanding its service side of the business along with greater investment into software (based on the job advertisements).

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