macOS 10.14.4, iOS 12.2, tvOS 12.2 released and more

I was planning to stay up to watch the Apple Keynote that was scheduled for 6am today (Tuesday morning NZ time) so I decided instead to watch it after coming back from my sisters birthday party. Here is the link to the stream from Apple’s website (link). To be honest I ended up skipping through the video to get the major points but overall the whole thing was pretty boring – totally US centric with little consequence to someone like me living in New Zealand. I can’t blame Apple given that they’re very much at the mercy US based media companies run by old men who are over the hill and can’t grasp the idea of treating the world as a single market and using technology to sell directly to consumers (it is amazing how someone being paid $40million per year is still clueless about the internet).

I’ve installed macOS 10.14.4 from scratch on both my computers since I wanted to get rid of a whole lot of crap that had built up so I downloaded the latest build off the App Store and then created a thumb drive which I then uses to zero the drive then do a clean install. Apart from the system running a whole lot quicker without all the useless crap I installed I also noticed that both my iMac and MacBook Pro have had their Boot ROM upgraded which is probably part of the on going security efforts (and mitigating any possible performance penalties associated with the fix) that are being addressed through microcode updates.

On my iPhone XS Max I upgraded to iOS 12.2 and I noticed a slight improvement in the Safari performance but like macOS I’ve never had any issues (I use the Ad Guard extension which takes advantage of the more efficient content blocking API), the baseband has been updated to 1.04.30 – I haven’t noticed any difference but I guess that’ll be something I might pick up when I’m out in the real world using it.

tvOS was also released and it is as reliable as usual although I did notice that it might have addressed the issue where the television keeps turning back on again so I wonder whether that is part of the fix.

In terms of security, there are a lot of fixes (link) so it appears that the drive for improved software quality continues – great to see that Apple has realised that they dropped the ball and that they’re working on getting things back on track.

I’m looking forward to WWDC2019 so when I go to work tomorrow I’m going to put in leave from 1 June (my birthday) through to 9 June which will cover my birthday as well as WWDC where I can follow along each da and watch the various sessions about the upcoming changes/improvements that are going to be made to macOS. I’ll do my usual overview of the sessions I am interested in – I might even be motivated enough to watch the keynote but as noted before the one I’m always interested in is the Platform state of the union where the focus is more technical where as they keynote tends to be a high level overview that is more geared towards the technology press rather than someone like me who wants to know about the nitty-gritty details.

Side note: Yes I will be writing a post regarding the whole Mueller investigation soon.

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