One more day to go….looking forward to overtime

Having a look through the work schedule I noticed some open positions so hopefully I’ll get a reply back soon from the person who does the roster that the opportunity to do over time will be possible. Basically my big focus over the next year is getting financially back on course and part of that making sure all personal debt is primarily paid down to the point that it is bill akin to the amount I pay each month for my power or internet connection. Anyway, the big focus for next week is getting that all sorted out – a few extra dollars each week, no matter how small, will make quite the difference over the long run.

I’m looking forward to time off from work from 1-9 June where I have my birthday on 1 June and then have it follow by a week of WWDC fun and excitement not to mention all the individual sessions that might even motivate me enough to get me up early in the morning to watch the keynote speech. With that being said it will be interesting to see whether Apple use the WWDC as a launch pad for the much rumoured announcement of the Mac Pro which was rumoured to be still on track for a 2019 release. The other big announcement will be the removal of 32bit support from macOS – the ripple effect will be amazing given that it’ll include removing Quicktime support on which QtKit is based along with all the applications that rely on it as well (as mentioned in the latest update to Compressor, Motion and Final Cut Pro X which talks about the need to transition all ones assets to modern CODECs before moving to the next version of macOS and newer versions of said applications).

Anyway, I’ve got work tomorrow and hopefully it will be as uneventful as it was today – a drama free zone where everything works as it should. I’ll wake up, have a bowl of tea and whilst getting ready I’ll watch some news on YouTube then head off for the day. My goal is getting back to my old diet patterns – 2 days of 1800 calories each day and a fasting on the third day – I might even start getting rid of a lot of bad foods out of my diet like cheese, milk, meat etc. move to more of a vegan diet as well. Long story short, I need to get my eating back in order and a greater focus on getting healthy now that I am getting older and the impact of a bad diet will impact me a lot more than 10 years ago where I could be a bit reckless with minimal consequence. Turning this ship around will not only mean a slimmer waist like it will also mean being more productive, having more energy, a longer and more enjoyable life. The big focus isn’t the change itself but the sticking to that change to the point that it becomes second nature to the point that tI don’t have to consciously think about it but rather it becomes automatic like how one breaths without even thinking about it.

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