Apple Pay supported at more banks!

Hot on the heals of ASB recently joining the fold of Apple Pay support (along side BNZ and ANZ) we have Westpac NZ recently join the fold on Tuesday which is inline with my speculation I had a while ago where Westpac will most likely keep their in-house NFC software for Android (their in-house NFC application is really sleek when compared to ASB where ASB tries to ram everything into a single application thus making the overall experience a lot more convoluted than if it were pushed off into its own application).  

Now, the big question is when does Kiwibank make the big move? Every since the giant core banking SAP fiasco where they planned to replace Ultracs with a SAP based core banking system they’ve been trying to move the organisation forward whilst cleaning up the mess as they go along. The situation hasn’t smooth sailing given that already this year I can think of 3 incidents where their Debit/Credit system when hay wire resulting in transaction double ups. There are rumours that whilst all that is being addressed that they’re working on a NFC client for Android but I’d say that like Westpac that they’ll also offer Apple Pay – to ignore Apple Pay would be business suicide because at this point it is a ‘must have’ requirement when deciding what bank to go with.

The big question is whether the banks that have their own ‘custom in house NFC apps’ will eventually move to Google as banks are at the moment looking at whether it makes sense having their own datacentre given that their primary focus is one delivering financial services whereby the datacentre is a means to an end when it comes to delivering services so does it make much sense replicating what already exists if for no other reason than saying, “we did it ourselves”? Westpac will probably move to Google in the long run just as they outsourced their datacentre to IBM when they migrated off the old Hogan system to Celeriti so part of that rationalising will be whether the expansion of what Google Pay can do and the limitations of their own payment solutions will eventually make moving to Google Pay a necessity.

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