An organised home, and organised life

So I’m almost at the end of the week but on the good side I’m cramming as much overtime as I can in before I go on my break from 1 to 9 June this year – earn whole lot of money and use it to get myself into a better financial situation.  Basically if I can nail down 2 months of over time then that’ll get my closer to my goal and thus life is a lot easier for me in the long run.

Finished work tonight and finally got my act together in terms of completing some washing, hoovering the house, and other domestic chores to get the place in good order. Winter is going along with a vengeance but funny enough even tonight at 8℃ my house isn’t as cold as I expected since I’ve got double glazed windows doing a pretty good job to hold in the heat. When I get home tomorrow night/tonight after work I’ll fold everything up and organise my bedroom so it is more organised – an organised home is an organised life as they say.

Looking forward to WWDC with rumours that iTunes is going to be broken down into various parts – hopefully we’ll send up seeing it happen because god knows iTunes is trying to be everything to everyone resulting in a bloated convoluted piece of software that is only made worse the larger your music library gets. Regarding ripping, IMHO XLD does a lot better job.

There is also the other part that’ll make for interesting conversation and that is the removal of legacy components with 10.15 which makes me wonder what is going to happen in the case of XLD which makes references to QuickTime – given that is replaced with AV Foundation and AV Kit I hope that is work being done to shed that reliance on legacy technology so that in 6-7 months time that it’ll be all ready to run on 10.15.

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