The week going well so far…

So the week is going well so far with the overtime that I did on Tuesday – I’m squeezing in an extra day each week along with some extra hours elsewhere in the week until I have 9 days off at the beginning of June. My big focus is to be debt free before I’m 40 – I’ll get there before then but I also want to keep my goals realistic which include building in enough of a buffer that if the old proverbial does hit the fan then I’ve got enough wiggle room to manoeuvre my way out of it. At the rate things are going at today I’ll pay off my student loan the end of this year but what I’m hoping to do is with some over time over the next year – picking up an extra days or extra hours where I can that I’ll get it done quicker where I can move onto the next target then eventually I’ll be in a position where I can sit back and plan for a trip overseas etc.

It appears that the IRD are going to upgrade their system – I guess that is part of the larger multi-year strategy of pushing as much as possible online which will hopefully mean that tax returns for someone like me (a basic income earner) will become a thing of the past. Under the present system (before the upgrade) you log into IRD and complete a PTS which is then processed then you’re told whether you owe the government money or whether the government owes you money.

I’ve recently had double glazed windows installed and they’re working beautifully – I’m sitting around mid April and I haven’t needed to turn on the heater once – I’m hoping that if I can make it through to June without needing to turn on a heater then it’ll work out saving $100 – and with the improved insulation it should mean lower power bills even when the heater is on.

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