I have to admit, I gloated…

I know it isn’t a very mature thing to do but I can’t help but gloat when, after much hype and hysteria from the anti-Apple talking heads brigade, the whole edifice of hype regarding Samsung’s folding phone falls flat like a soufflé like a cupboard. I’m certainly not attacking Samsung because I think Samsung make some damn nice devices and products over all but rather I am gloating about the idiots who did their 10 minute videos on YouTube claiming that ‘Apple is dead’ and ‘Apple is in trouble’ because Apple isn’t some gimmicky foldable phone – a product that answers a question no one asked. I think that it is great that Samsung is pushing the boundaries and seeing what might work but what I find funny are the fanboys who went for good old gargle at the anti-Apple haterade fountain to get those clicks on YouTube. There are some good examples of just really, really horrible videos of people trying to ride the hate train to garnet more views so check out YouTube then come back.

So what am I talking about in reference to the Samsung Fold? this particular (link) provides a good overview. No, the Samsung Fold isn’t some ‘Apple destroyer’ as the talking heads on YouTube tried to make it out to be – when you’re things wrong then I think it is time to take at least a month off the internet to reconsider whether you know what you’re talking about before turning that microphone back on and start uploading videos again. (link)

Are there issues that Apple need addressing? yes but none of them have to do with the hardware but rather what is required is addressing issues with their software which really limit how far Ito the ecosystem they can go. Take the issue with extension – they introduced a new content blocking API which was promised to be more efficient but here is the problem, the content blocking as a limit of 50K rules which sounds a lot until you consider that the absolute bare basic setup using Ad Guard on Safari has 41555 rules simply if I enable the following rules: AdGuard Base filter, AdGuard Mobile Ads filter, EasyList, Peter Lowe’s list, AdGuard Spyware filter, NoCoin Filter List and AdGuard Safari filter. That is only a small selection that I had to limit because I was easily hitting the limit if I enabled a few more rule sets. Something like that needs to be addressed if Apple are serious about making there Safari extension platform something that developers want to target especially when you consider that the alternative is simply to tell users “download and install Chrome then install the extension on Chrome instead”.

Why does that matter? because the future of the Apple growth is going to depend on services which in turn is dependent upon the integration between the software (on the end users computer) and the cloud service. If for example that Safari does a half assed just in terms of an extension framework then combine that with the fact that it still trails in terms of HTML5 compliance thus leaving to a subpar experience when it comes to progressive web applications then it’ll be first step out of the Apple ecosystem. Whilst the end user has put their first foot out the door (they’re synchronising their bookmarks and passwords to the cloud so then everything synchronises between all devices) they start having a look around at what Google also have to offer – they’ve probably got a YouTube account already, maybe even a YouTube Premium subscription like myself, and it is a matter of going to Gmail.com to find that they can easily setup a Gmail account along with Contacts, Calendaring etc. then soon enough that person see’s that there is Google Drive and Google Photos – triple the space of what Apple offer and all free of charge.

So what is Apple’s trump card in terms of a point of differentiation when compared to what Google has to offer? privacy seems to be a card that Apple plays but there comes a point that all the privacy in the world isn’t come to offset the lack of functionality (compare iCloud when compared to what Google has to offer if one strictly just looks at Docs, Sheets, Slides along side Contacts, Gmail and so on. With all that being said I really have to ask how much stock the masses actually put into privacy given that even after a torrent of scandals relating to Facebook that there has been little to no impact on its user base numbers. To me it sounds an awful lot like the old story of people virtue signalling their outrage amounting to “I’m against bad things, I’m for good things” but beyond the public protestations that the simple reality is that the end user doesn’t really care all that much. In much the same way that when push came to shove with the impeachment of Bill Clinton, the average person didn’t care because it didn’t impact them directly. As long as the end user doesn’t see an obvious consequence then they’ll ignore those raising concerns as merely “overreacting”.

When I think about the issue if privacy, IMHO I think the greater concern isn’t Google but instead how the centralisation of data will become too tempting for governments not to take advantage of. This is one of the big philosophical differences between Google and Apple – where as Google would sooner centralise the crunching of data and delivery of services (for the sake of producing a better service for the end user), Apple wishes to keep as much of that on the device itself as to avoid the situation where their datacenter locations being a shortcut way for governments to get information their citizens not to mention the security implications of having a huge amount of personal information in the cloud that could be susceptible to hacking given that the end user is still the weakest link.

Side note: I’m sitting here using Chrome; there is a compromise one has to make in life if one wishes to get something accomplished. Yes, with Safari I have the benefit of a more lightweight browser and ‘greater privacy’ (as some proponents have claimed) but it means that it means giving up things like uBlocker Origin, Reddit Enhancement Suite and so on. At some point you have to ask whether what you’re giving up is worth what you’re gaining. As a side note to this side note, I noticed there are a large number of people who are YouTube creators that have a Mac for their computer but prefer running Chrome.

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