If you’re going to be a critic then have a clear understanding of the subject

I’m always amazed when I see people criticise Apple products and yet their criticisms are either half truths, straight out lies or a complete failure to give exact specific in favour of using vague terms about a product being ‘weak’ and ‘not up for the job’ thus leaving it to the listener/reader to guess as to what exactly the person is going on about. Here is a great video on YouTube regarding just this issue:

But I have to build on that video further because there seems to be a cottage industry of people being loose with the truth and only interest is hating on something because that is what all their friends are doing or that is what the ‘cool kids’ online are doing but here is the funny thing, when you actually corner them and demand an answer they slink away going, “I didn’t want to turn this into a debate”. Dude, you were the one making incendiary posts online and you’re surprised that it has received the attention it deserved? Are there genuine things to be critical about regarding Apple in terms of their products, services and general behaviour? Sure but you don’t need to make up stuff because ultimately it undermines your arguments – in much the same way that the obsession over ‘Russiagate’ has served to suck the oxygen out of the room when it comes to easily proveable problematic policies that actually impact the average person (see the EPA and Education appointments).

My frustration with the current discourse has nothing to do with defending Apple, Apple doesn’t need me defending them, they have a whole PR and marketing agency where they spending hundreds of millions are spent crafting a particular image. The issue I have are people who bullshit their way online and pollute the discourse to the point that no meaningful and fruitful discussion can take place thus undermining any possible reason for having a conversation in the first – for participants to share knowledge about topics that they’re knowledgeable about. That is the type of atmosphere I like to see when I join an online forum – reading through a discussion and because all those who are participating as honest actors, that knowledge can be shared and those of us reading can come away more knowledgeable. It reminds me of the ‘good old days’ of osnews.com where there were discussions comparing win32 threads to POSIX threads – the benefits and drawbacks of each approach. Yes, it was a debate but out of that debate you were able to see the arguments on both sides.

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