Being drawn out of the Apple ecosystem

I always like to share when I find a good product review, the balance between talking about the strengths, weaknesses and who benefits the most from said product. It was a review from a perspective of an iPhone user and it was great how he acknowledged the strengths of the Apple ecosystem whilst also acknowledging that if one isn’t as deeply invested into the ecosystem then it is possible to move from the iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S10 without missing out on anything.

The big thing that compels me is that I’m already very much invested into the Google ecosystem as well, my primary form of entertainment is via Google, all my searches are done through Google not to mention that I use Google Drive and Google Docs. There is also the fact that I am using the Chrome browser and I take advantage of the ability to install PWAs onto my desktop then add them to my dock. Although I like the idea of having native applications I find that, for example, the blogging application that I used to rely on didn’t handle embedding YouTube videos smoothly nor did it provide the ability to preview said video as part of the larger blog to see how it all fit in together without having to first post, view it then modify it.

Side note: It is interesting how the web browser these days has turned into a runtime platform – that the delivery of HTML5 technologies along with advances in javascript speed in browsers is delivering the sort of ‘write once, run anywhere’ that Java promised but never delivered as so far as desktop applications that end users not only used but actually wanted to use because they loved the experience (vs. just using them because they’re a necessary evil alongside taxes).