The joy of taxes and getting healthy

Sitting at home on my backside and after being pretty lazy for the last few months I realised that I need to get some routine and part of that routine is going for a walk each night of around 5km. Went for a walk tonight and I hadn’t realised just how bad my fitness had slipped – sweating and sore legs. I really need to get some discipline and start doing it regularly – it’ll also help with my performance at work as it’ll provide a good way to unwind after work.

The government has upgraded the IRD computer system which will hopefully translate into quicker tax returns and refunds but I’m left a bit confused because according to the calculator I should get a refund but I guess I’ll need to wait until 16 May. What ever the case maybe any refund I’ll throw into my student loan so I can get it all paid off hopefully by the end of June so then I can move onto my next objective in my plan to be debt free by 40.

I’ve decided to go ahead and work on Queen’s Birthday (Monday 3rd June) since it’ll be a nice pay packet of not only over time (extra hours) but also time and a half which makes doing the shift all the more worth while. I’ll keep picking up those overtimes as they become available and with my student loan being fully paid off will mean extra money in the pocket to speed up the schedule I have planned.

I’ve been following Build 2019 and it appears that Microsoft has had a big focus on getting the focus on the cloud but what is also interesting is the rumour of a ‘Windows 10 Lite’ that is rumoured be a legacy free version of Windows 10 but apparently that has been pushed back with the move from edgehtml to Chromium as the engine for Microsoft Edge so maybe that has been pushed back as Microsoft move the new Chromium based Edge from being dependent on win32 to moving over to the UWP framework – the basic idea being able to push a stripped down super efficient operating system that can compete against Chrome OS in low end devices but with the Microsoft cloud sitting at the centre of that. There was also a preview of Edge on Mac which will make for an interesting future with Microsoft shaping itself up as very much a company similar to Google in that the focus being on the cloud. If this ‘Windows 10 Lite’ turns out to be true and is available on Surface devices then it might be an option for me in the future but then again that also depends on whether the rumoured ARM based Mac’s come to fruition.

Google also has its I/O conference which will talk about the usual cloud stuff along with Android Q but I think the thing that most people are interested in is what is happening to Google Fuchsia OS as so far as when it’ll be adopted, which form factors will see its adoption first and whether there will be a replacement for the Android framework or whether the purpose of Google Fuchsia OS isn’t to come up with a fresh stack but rather provide a better base which will enable upgrades to be quicker due to it’s microkernel design which enables components to be upgraded (maybe via the Google store) in a piece meal fashion rather than it being today of an all or nothing situation which can be quite disruptive and time consuming given the lack of a stable drive API and ABI in the linux kernel (which necessitates the testing and fixing compatibility even with minor kernel changes).

I’m looking forward to WWDC 2019 given all the rumours regarding Marzipan which will allow applications to be written for the iOS and easily ported over to macOS. It appears that my speculation a while ago about UIKit is correct. What I mean by that is that it is coming to macOS but UIKit will be split into two two circles with the overlapping section in the middle being the shared components that can be reused between both platforms but there will be certain things that are specific to a given platform so that will require the programmer will mean having to cater for a target platform. Sure, it isn’t the XAML dream put out by Microsoft but if it means that 90% of code is shared and the last 10% is tweaking it to work well on macOS or iOS then I’d sooner that than the ‘one size fits all’ approach that Microsoft tried to take thus leaving very few people happy in the process.

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