Google I/O ’19: Done on the device

Google has uploaded its keynote to YouTube as it always does:

What I found interesting is that from start to finish there has been three major themes:

1) Refinement

2) Security

3) Privacy

It appears that with the focus Apple has placed on privacy and the all by Tim Cook for there to be regulation, Facebook with it’s F8 conference Mark Zuckerberg talked about privacy (IMHO I’ll see it when I believe it) and each of the speakers at the keynote talked about it. For example, when it came to machine learning there is still the use of the cloud to create models to improve the user experience on the device but the majority of the processing is now taking place on the device. When it came to work regarding voice to text translation it is now done on the device itself, when there was talk about the use of intelligent organisation of emails etc. it is kept on the device.

There is also a greater focus on refinement – getting the fundamentals nailed down such as faster updates for not only bug fixes but also security fixes as well. The big push is Google will ring fence part of Android Q where by the updates will come directly from Google themselves. It is interesting that Samsung is once again on the onside when it comes to the Android Q beta where as Huawei along with Nokia plus others are working with Google to ensure that it arrives on their product range in a timely manner.

As a side note: For me the issue of updates has less to do with wanting to gt the latest and greatest features but rather that the OEM is actively pushing out security updates and fixes. I can live with not getting Android straight away especially when you hear the horror stories of Pixel users getting Android straight out of the gate only to find there are things that are buggy, broken or what have you. If the price to pay for stability is getting Android upgrades 6 months after the official release but instead OEM’s like Samsung really focused on pushing ou regular security and bug fixes on schedule every month then I’d sooner have that.

With that all being said, there is one major benefit that Android has over iOS and the is the modular nature of it meaning that even if you are running an older version of Android you can still upgrade your version of Chrome up to the latest version. At work our website doesn’t work with iOS 9.3.5 which wouldn’t be such an issue if it were possible to upgrade the browser but because the browser is embedded in the operating system and to upgrade the browser you have to upgrade the whole OS but Apple no longer supports said hardware then users are stuck in a situation of perfectly good hardware finding themselves unable to navigate many websites. With Android you can upgrade to the latest version of Chrome and keep on rocking.

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