Big Samsung TV? yes please!

So Samsung it’s thing of offering different bundles with different carriers – Vodafone has the Samsung Galaxy S10 and a Samsung smart watch, 2 Degrees has the Samsung Galaxy S10 and a Galaxy Tab A 10.1 tablet and Spark is offering a Samsung Galaxy S10 with a 49 inch television. That television is calling me – the latest updated version of Tizen which will also include updates in the future for Apple own streaming services along with support for YouTube and other platforms. Truth be known I am not particularly wedded to the tvOS platform other than having bought a couple of movies (that can be easily bought from the Play Store) so as long as the smart television has access to YouTube then I’m a happy lad not to mention the fact that Tizen comes bundled with a browser as well.

It is interesting that the more exposure I have gotten to Chrome and helping customers with their iPhone the more I recognise the limitations of the iPhone platform. For example, the inability to update parts of iOS in a piecemeal way which has impacted customers at work where our website isn’t compatible with iOS 9.3.5 but because Apple doesn’t provide a separate update for Safari/Webkit the end user is stuck with a device that is perfectly adequate for what they want to do but alas they’re unable to load another browser because Apple prohibits third parties from loading their own interpreters, virtual machines or run time engines which means that any browsers that do exist also dependent on Webkit meaning that installing a third party ‘browser’ (which is merely a shell sitting on top of Webkit) won’t address the underlying issue.

That being said, it is interesting how Chrome keeps coming back as the gateway into the Google ecosystem given that I grow annoyed by the lack of extensions for Safari that can hold a candle to the likes of uBlock Origin or Reddit Enhancement Suite. Even basic things such as if I have Ad Guard installed on Safari it either results in websites failing to load properly and even when I whitelist certain websites such as YouTube I find that the videos keep pausing as if there was a spike in CPU usage resulting in playback being interrupted. Even if that weren’t occurring then there is the 50K rules limit which can easily be hit given that if you install uBlock Origin and stick with the standard default filters then it is pretty easy to hit 150K. That doesn’t even touch on the fact that Ad Guard has to do some wizardry in the background so that the filters can be translated into content blocking rules and in that process the filters aren’t as accurate as when is running uBlock Origin on Chrome.

Anyway, back on track again, I’m going to head into Spark tomorrow before work (assuming I get up with enough time to spare before work) to find out how long the special is going for and then sleeping on it so then I don’t make a rash decision that I might later regret. All that being said, I’ll setup a G-Suite account, move my email over there, setup Google Pay and I’m a happy lad. Oh, and on a side note, I had a look at Nokia 9 but given the negative reviews not to mention the reputation for instability that ‘code fresh from Google has’ in regards to Android, maybe trailing behind Google in terms of software releases aren’t such a bad idea after all especially when you consider that Android 9 on Samsung phones is pretty damn mature with new releases being small refinements rather than major changes.

As for my carrier, Skinny is a value sub-brand to Spark, but the gap between Spark and Skinny have narrowed so much recently – when it comes to broadband it used to be an ‘all or nothing’ where you were forced into Netflix and Lightbox but now they’ve launched the unplanned plan whose price scales up and down based on usage – for a single user like me I have a feeling that it’ll either work out cheaper or pretty much the same. On the mobile front – if I choose to upgrade I’ll trade in my existing one thus leaving on a small amount left over to be paid (probably around $500 or so).

Anyway, off to bed I go so I’m all bright eyed and bushy tailed tomorrow for work.

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