Lesson learnt: Don’t rush ripping of music cd’s and never trust external hard disks

As I was recovering from a killer migraine today I learned two important lessons, the first is to never depend on external hard disks and that came as a result of me backing up all my music CDs in FLAC format and storing them on an external hard disk. The end result? the backups were completely and utterly useless thus an important lesson learned – take advantage of cloud and avoid that sort of issue happening in future. I’ll be upgrading my Google Drive storage to 1TB which is enough space for everything I need to do (which is around NZ$14.99 per month). It’ll be around 140GB to be uploaded but as my music collection expands so will the need to have more storage. Once I get my music ripped I’ll get it uploaded to the cloud asap (I’ll backup both the lossless and lossy versions and I’ll use Drive File Stream where files are downloaded on demand rather than having to download the whole lot all at once).

With that being said, the CD rips I had were pretty crappy – lots of errors such as skipping etc. because when I did the ripping the settings were not setup properly. I swallowed my pride and bought a copy of dBpoweramp and so far it has been producing great results particularly once I got the ripping settings configured correctly so that even the most difficult CD has been able to get ripped without any audible errors coming through on the final result. Now that I’ve got an Android device (Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus) the big question is whether I compress the audio to AAC or whether I should give Vorbis a chance give that it is relatively stable as well.

Another great milestone in my life has been achieved, my student loan is fully paid off and the paperwork to change my income tax code to M has been filed. The big focus in the next 6 months will be getting the personal debt tamed so by the end of the year I’ll be in a good financial position over all. This is part of the larger goal of being debt free by 40 so then I can start ploughing the money into my Kiwi Saver and building a good nest egg for the future along with saving up some money for the trip planned for going to the United Kingdom in 2021. Lots of goals being set and gradually knocking them down one by one – something to keep oneself focused by having smaller milestones to mark off getting closer to the larger goals.

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