Progressing nicely…

So I’m gradually re-ripping my CD’s again with much progress. I had one stubborn CD that I gave a good cleaning with a chemical cleaner and a microfibre cloth resulting in a completely error free ripping (along with passing the AccurateRip test for each track). That being said, I need to deal with some classical music CD’s that have scratches so I’m going to see what scratch repair tools exist out there.

Side note: I think I’m going to use OGG Vorbis rather than AAC since it’s dealing with gapless playback is a lot smoother than trying to get it to work with AAC. I’ve got lots of space in in my Google Drive but the big question is whether I move to a higher speed plan – maybe move to a gigabit package? if so what I might have a look at maybe power line networking or some sort of plan where I can install cabling for my desktop and television so that I can get the most out of the network connection. I’m going to research to see how one can feed ethernet cable under the house back to the ‘networking room’ where my switch is located.

Looking forward to a week off in June where I can chill out and unwind – watch movies, check out the WWDC announcements of which my main focus is macOS (I’ve got a Samsung 4K TV and an Android phone with G-Suite at the centre of this all) so I’m going to spend my time enjoying the age old past time of doing sweet bugger all. I’ve got YouTube all setup and the experience has been pretty good – high resolution which probably points to Tizen supporting VP9 which is the CODEC that Google uses for streaming.

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