Sparking joy in ones blog

So as part of my mid year refresh and tidy up of my online and offline life I have decided to spark some joy into my blog by adopting a fresh, clean and simpler design for my blog that is less dark and dingy and more inviting to read (and hopefully follow). I’m also going to make some more time for myself to update my blog rather than the sporadic posts. In the next few weeks I’m going to do a review of the Samsung S10 Plus (128GB), movement to G Suite with Chrome on macOS then I’ll even out the technology with a critique of what happened in the Australian elections and what Labour in New Zealand can learn from it all.

When it comes to the Australian election, God knows the election in Australia didn’t occur in a vacuum when you consider that the Murdoch empire still very much pulls the strings behind the scenes not to mention the various linkups between television and radio stations along side newspapers. Lets remember where it all started – under the media liberalisation that occurred under the John Howard Liberal government. As Noam Chomsky has pointed out many times – there are few differences between the two major parties but where the differences are can have a huge impact. It is easy to whinge about how Labour aren’t left wing enough but when the Overton window has shrunk to the point that what Labour promote is the furthest left that can be done given the circumstances the best one can hopeful is a gradual nudging of that Overton window to the left over the long term. By nudging rather than expecting giant leaps there is the ability to build support within the populace so even if the capitalist class try to push out reactionary tripe in the media outlet the impact is minuscule because the masses are already experiencing the benefits and won’t want it taken away (see paid maternity leave that was introduced with much wailing and gnashing of teeth by the capitalist class only to have it baked into what the masses expect thus National didn’t try to undo it when they were office for 3 terms). I’ll go into greater detail in an upcoming post.

For dinner tonight I might buy some lamb or venison because I’m feeling like I need a meal of substance rather than the piecemeal grazing or processed convenience food that never leaves one satisfied after eating it. I’ll grab some kumara and mix it with some potatoes or pumpkin along putting some garlic butter. Yummy dinner, perfect for a Sunday. I’ll be off from work in around 10 minutes so it’ll be off to Countdown and then back home for a home cooked meal.

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